AKKAM Immigration and allied services provides solutions and meets all requirements concerning immigration, study visa’s and allied services to multiple destinations across the globe. AKKAM aims to built life-long business relationships with our clients based on service with ethics and trust . We deal with Immigration and Allied requirements for Australia, America, Canada, UK, Denmark, Hongkong , Singapore and are processing inclusion of other destinations in due course of time . AKKAM has painstakingly structured its business module to be Client Friendly, , by minimizing client financial inputs , providing best possible expert case management ,easily understood projection of Immigration ,Student and Visa regulations and above all a friendly success oriented interaction, which has to be experienced to see the difference . AKKAM has met the high standards expected by our clients and has successfully placed the acquired skills of our clients in a highly competitive and acceptable way. It is a privately owned registered company and aims in solving immigration needs of clients all over the world with a depth of experience and with the overall goal of meeting our client’s needs in a timely and professional way.

An established and officially recognised immigration and student visa consulting firm expert in acquiring – skills, family, business, student and permanent residence visas .We have a success rate of close to 100%: one of the highest in the industry. Our qualified team is committed to establish a reputation based on trust. We pride ourselves in offering a responsive customised service while maintaining the highest possible standards of professionalism, confidentiality, integrity and dedication to client service. AKKAM is known for its convenient and complete migration solution for residence visa processing, business migration, student visas and resettlement with our experience in visa processing as our core endeavour, we are dedicated to offer a broad range of services. The information presented in our website has been structured to carefully include all relevant aspects in a precise and concise manner excluding unnecessary material to enable the applicants to evaluate all options in simple and logical manner.


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  1. I want to immigrate to Canada but have been told that I need a job offer before applying because it helps quite a bit in terms of points under express entry uniivaa com/136-under-express-entry-don-t-be-like-the-asian-women-and-box-yourself-in-by-being-jobless. I have a few friends who have tried finding work in Canada but have not had success even though they put a lot of work into the process. Is getting a job in Canada even a possibility?


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