Are we only Job Titles or more ?


When was the last time you went to a party or a social event, and you had to make small talk with the guests there. I am sure you were asked the question “So what do you do?”, and everyone around would have  recited their professions. The common answer would have been  – doctor, lawyer, teacher, IT etc and also people whining about their jobs. These answers have made me always  think that are we all only about Job titles?

The next time someone asks you the above question, don’t give them your job title,  instead tell them what you’re passionate about, what you like doing and follow it by asking them what they are passionate about. At this most likely you would get either a blank response or the person across will tell you about what all they are passionate about, making the conversation more warm and fruitful so find the Permanent Resident Visa Consultants In Hyderabad.

You can come across with another set of people, where they would want to recite their job title and role even when you ask the above. If this happens, say” Great to know you are passionate about your work and enjoy it”. this would definitely lead to a discussion which would be more interesting.

I have followed this since last couple of years of my life and this has helped me to move away from a job title centric discussions and the importance attached to it. It has helped me to focus on what is important for me and what I enjoy doing. I enjoy talking to new people and strangers, young and old, and at times help them with my own experience and exposure I have had in my life in identifying their desired direction to move forward in life. I work in a field which gives me ample scope to do this. One year back I had an impressive Job title but it was not making me happy and I felt incomplete, stagnated but now I am pursuing my dream, not a Job title and this makes me happy and contended and stay connected to Permanent Resident Visa Consultants In Hyderabad the is Akkam Immigration Consultancy.

Instead of putting people in one single frame of a job title, let them know what you enjoy doing, what you’re passionate about and then discover what they enjoy. The conversation will definitely turn into something far more interesting, and you’ll learn a lot more about fellow beings than just  their job titles.

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